A Poem On ‘World Peace’

Whether monarch Qatar,

Whether democratic Ghana,

Peace should be followed.

Autonomy or democracy is not enough,

Not enough, absolutely not enough.

Whether country is subjected to parliamentary confidence,

Or independent legislature,

Or even to absolute monarchy,

Democracy is not enough.

Peace should be present, always present,

Without peace a country is not a country

But a despicable piece of land.


From Asia to Europe to Australia

To South America to North America

To Africa, sighs short and infrequent were exhaled,


Doesn’t depend on the country’s literacy.

Literacy and peace  are two different things that don’t match

Whether it’s the angelic devil in you

Peace- an important subject is mandatory.

Peace is the opposite of chess in which the two kings instead of fighting shake  hands.


Doesn’t matter how posh

Whether sitting on a burnished throne

The rules apply all the same,

That Peace is not a game.

World Peace is mandatory,

Without it Earth is nothing but a wasteland.

Money, Literacy, Democracy

Alone are not enough, not enough,

Oh, my dear sir! Totally not enough,

Respect, Dignity, Compassion and Peace should be always present.

                    Present. Present.


World peace should be present.

La paz mundial debe estar presente

Maailmaan rauha tulee olla lasna

Svetovy mier by mali byt pritomne

Der friede der welt solte vorhaden sein

Varldsfreden bor vara narvarande

World maluha e hiki mai

Mir u svijetu treba ba bude pristuan

Verdensfreden shal vaare til stede

World peace- an important subject

  Ishaan Uday, VI Class