Trivikram’s Walkout In Discussions

Trivikram Srinivas is the man of the moment now. The star director has been busy in getting the response from the audiences for his new movie Agnyathavaasi.

The film released yesterday in the theatres and everyone unanimously declared the movie as big flop. So far, Trivikram Srinivas did not face a flop of such range. People are literally criticising him for taking the audiences for granted. Not even a single review mentioned positively about Trivikram Srinivas.

Meanwhile, we have come to know about an incident where Trivikram was at a theatre in Chikkadpally, to know the response for his film from the audiences. Apparently, 45 minutes into the show, the director Trivikram got up and simply walked out of the theatre and the scene left everyone in big disappointment. Those who have accompanied him were shocked to see him in an upset mood.