Is Kottapalli Geetha joining BJP?

Araku MP Kottapalli Geetha made sensational comments on the TDP and YSRCP MPs. The YSRCP and TDP MPs have been staging protests at the parliament over the anti-people Union Budget 2018.

Interestingly, the Araku MP slammed the protests of TDP and YSRCP MPs and made statements in support of the BJP.

Stating that both and YSRCP parties are not committed for the development of AP. the MP questioned why didn’t they protest when BJP replaced Special Status with Special Package?.

” The ongoing protests in the Parliament are just a drama for political gains. What has AP government done with the central funds? Accepting that Package is better than Status, even felicitation ceremonies have been conducted. But now, the same people say package isn’t sufficient. Why AP Government isn’t disclosing how it used funds sanctioned by the Centre for Polavaram and Amaravati. How can Chandrababu who boasts about two digit growth seek Special Status?,” she asked.

Those who observed Kottapalli Geetha’s moves feel that she may join the BJP soon. Giving credence to the rumours, she came in support of the BJP.