Goa Chief Minister ridiculed for gender biased comment

Two days after the Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar comment on girls drinking beer, the social media is still agog with defiant posts and photos under the hashtag- Girls who drink beer. It was on Friday, 9.2.2018 that the CM  at the inaugural of the first edition of the State Youth Parliament organised by the Legislature Secretariat said,“I have begun to fear now, because even girls have started drinking beer.Today’s youngsters are crossing tolerance limits”.

Cheers to all!

Kiran Majumdar Shah, the CMD of Biocon tweeted: “I didn’t expect such a gender biased comment from @manoharparrikar. If they are of a drinking age and do it responsibly, what has gender got to do with it?”

Kavita Krishnan posted- “The Goa CM is terrified of women drinking beer.and Venkaiah Naidu is terrified of a woman laughing at his Supreme Leader. Prepare to continue to be scared – women won’t stop laughing, partying! “  Cheers all” tweeted a senior journalist displaying a mug of beer. “Women can’t laugh loudly and drink beer in Modi Rashtra”  said another post. “Imagine a woman who drinks beer and  laughs loudly!.” They  were referring to PM Modi’s sarcastic comment on the Congress MP Renuka Chaudhary for laughing in the Rajya Sabha.