Jai Simha total Worldwide Box Office Collection

Bala Krishna’s Jai Simha was one of the three big ticket films which were released during Sankranthi season. The film opened to mixed responce from the audience and critics as well. It went on to collect Rs 35.85 crore share at the world box office in its life time.  The below figures were officially released by the makers.

Nizam                   Rs 5.25 Cr

Ceded                   Rs 6.20 Cr

West                      Rs 2.25 Cr

East                         Rs 3.35 Cr (Including Overflows 70L)

Krishna                  Rs 2.15 Cr

Guntur                   Rs 3.30 Cr (Including Overflows 60L)

Nellore                   Rs 1.45 Cr

Uttarandhra         Rs 4.30 Cr (Including Overflows 60L)

Total AP & Telangana Closing Share         Rs 28.25 Cr

Karnataka              Rs 4.30 Cr

Rest Of World      Rs 0.35 Cr

Rest Of India         Rs 2.10 Cr

Overseas                  Rs 0.85 Cr

Total Worldwide Closing Share:  Rs 35.85 Cr