Ram Charan’s reply to Sri Reddy issue

Mega Power Star Ram Charan reacted to Sri Reddy’s comment on casting couch in the Telugu film industry.

Sri Reddy has been levelling many allegations on the Tollywood actors for quite some time now and she even staged nude protest against the casting couch.

“I am not talking particularly about her (Sri Reddy). But overall, to hear this word anywhere, in any industry — whether in politics or business industry — doesn’t sound right to anyone. Nobody would encourage it, especially when I have five of my sisters in the same field, I would personally not want to pursue it or witness such a disaster in the industry,” said Ram Charan.

“We have to always evaluate whatever we hear, whether it is from a great guy or a girl who is working hard in this industry. We can’t blindly go without trying to find any sense behind it. So, I guess this particular case has helped us form a committee in our industry to look into such matters,” he added.