Insulting a guest

Moneeza Hashmi, daughter of the great poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and eminent Pakistani media person was  not allowed to speak at the 15th Asia Media Summit, held for the first time in India. the 73 yr old veteran media person was invited as a speaker in one of the panel discussions on 10th May 2018,  as creative and media head of Pakistan-based KASHF foundation. But  last minute changes made sure that she was excluded from the summit.

 Reportedly, even her  Delhi hotel booking was not made. It is reported that the I & B ministry & Prasar Bharati, the hosts,  did not permit her to speak at the last minute & the organisers, Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, were helpless about it.

Indian journalists demand unconditional apology to Hashmi

Meanwhile  this insult was derided by many poets and artists in India. They all wondered about our traditional respect to guests- “Atithi devo bhava.” They also demanded that the Information & Broadcasting ministry & Prasar Bharati should formally apologise to Ms. Hashmi.