Shocking! Woman IAS Officer Alleges Sexual Harassment

In a shocking incident, A 28-year-old woman IAS officer faced sexual harassment from her higher official.

The women posted in a Haryana government department, has accused a senior IAS officer from the state of sexually harassing her for writing “adverse comments on official files”.
In a Facebook post, the woman wrote ” My boss summoned me to office on May 22 and threatened me.

He questioned me why I write on files the wrongs the department has done. He asked me to tell what type of work I wanted to do, whether I want departmental work or time-pass work… And then he asked me to stop writing adverse comments on the files.He told me that like a newly wed bride, she has to be explained everything, and he was explaining to me in the same manner.

His behaviour seemed immoral. I was sitting on the other side of the table in front of him. He asked me to get up and come closer to his chair. When I reached the other side of the table, he pretended to teach me how to operate a computer. I rushed back to my chair… After some time, he got up. Pretending to find a paper, he came close to my chair and pushed it,” she wrote.

However, the senor officer rubbished her allegations.