Will KTR respond to Gutta Jwala’s tweet?

Popular badminton player Gutta Jwala criticiaed the Telangana Government for not coming forward to help her in establishing a badminton academy in Hyderabad.

In a tweet, the badminton player said that the TRS government had promised to help her but it ignored the promise for the past four years.

“I have been after the TELANGANA govt too for some support to establish an academy for past 4 years but in vain…was promised I would be given the support but……
Also was promised a plot for house but every athlete seems to have got it except me!!,” she tweeted.

She tweeted this to Telangana IT minister KTR and Telangana CMO. It remains to be seen whether KTR , who is very much active on social media, will respond to her tweet or not.