Why Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Osmania University problematic?

The Congress President is scheduled to visit Hyderabad on August 13th and 14th and chalk out his party’s strategy for the 2019 elections.

His visit at this juncture is expected to determine the course correction Congress can make to still stay in the race for power in this crucial state.

 Similar to the Karnataka plan, he is expected to interact with small influential groups, journalists, self help groups, Muslim intellectuals and of course the Osmania University students. But a hitch is expected in meeting/addressing students at the historic Arts college in OU.

The Telangana movement was possible mainly because of the active participation of students, and OU was the hotbed of political turmoil, forcing the then Congress government to concede the separate state of Telangana.

State government pressurising the University to deny permission?

It has to be seen if Rahul Gandhi will be allowed to speak as there are indications that the University authorities are under pressure from the ruling TRS.

The main agenda of Rahul Gandhi’s address to students is expected to be on theissue of unemployment and the unfulfilled promises of the government in these 4 years.

This is a very sore point which is expected to ignite passions of the students and cause problems for KCR’s government.