TRS mega rally and what it means for Telangana

Taking a leaf from the Centre, the TRS government in Telangana under the leadership of K.Chandrashekara Rao seems to have understood that publicity is more important than the actual work. 

On 2.9.2018, Sunday’s mega rally in Ranga Reddy district, touted to become the largest political rally to be held in Telangana, in a speech lasting 50 minutes, he elaborated on the achievements of his government and also hinted on an early decision on elections.

All roads on Sunday seemed to lead to the venue of the rally in Kongara Kalam, with many TRS leaders and GHMC corporators taking out their own mini-rallies to the venue with pomp and show. The Sunday was marked with pink everywhere, the colour of TRS flag.

No new schemes announced, does not commit about early elections

Saying that it will be unethical on his part to announce any new schemes at the present juncture, KCR who reached the venue in a helicopter, added that the election manifesto will be drafted by party leader, K.Keshava Rao.

Highlighting Mission Bhagiratha’s purpose of providing water to all villages of Telangana, he assured the crowds that it will be complete by Diwali, well ahead of his term.

“Do not become slaves of Delhi parties”

KCR also urged people to follow the Tamil Nadu model of self-respect, and not become slaves of Delhi parties, seeming to include both the Congress and BJP.

Over 20.000 police were deployed to maintain security and prevent any stampede in such a huge gathering. Traffic jams were the routine on Sunday, especiallu after the meeting as everyone made a push towards the exit routes.