YSRCP’s Pedda Reddy gives sleepless nights to JC Brothers

Time was when even the Opposition Parties had virtually given a walkover to JC brothers in Tadpatri constituency. But, ever since Pedda Reddy was made the YSRCP incharge of the constitutency, there is a sea change in the situation. Pedda Reddy had worked so hard that JC brothers are now forced to be on the defensive.

Though JC is using the officialdome and the police to trouble and torment Pedda Reddy in order to rein in the YSRCP, Pedda Reddy is going ahead regadless. He is very quick in responding to every incident of the arrest of any party worker.

He is reaching out to the workers by going to their villages and organizing protests. Unlike other leaders, who are asking others to protest, Pedda Reddy himself is initiating and leading the protests. Thanks to his pro-active work, the YSRCP workers are feeling confident.

Pedda Reddy has proved to be such a thorn in JC brothers’ flesh that he is being put under house arrest for at least four to five times every month. Pedda Reddy’s pro-active leadership has given confidence to the people that it would not be a cakewalk for the JC brothers now.

Pedda Reddy is also getting support from the disgruntled elements within the TDP. All these might prove to be beneficial for Pedda Reddy.