Chandrababu wants NTR’s support for 2019 elections?

With elections round the corner, Chandrababu Naidu is moving fast to put a check to the negati or Will Tarak agree to campaign for TDP?

The huge crowds at Harirkishna’s funeral and the refusal of the NTR family to keep Harikrishna’s body in the TDP office at Hyderabad have generated lot of negative buzz. To put an end to this, Chandrababu actually led the funeral procession and played a key role while performing the last rites. All this were meant to put a lid on the negative publicity.

But he knows that this isn’t just enough. So, he is now playing another card. He now wants to rope in Junior NTR to campaign for the TDP in the upcoming elections. Party insiders say that Babu will soon take a decision and invite NTR into the politburo. Sources also say that NTR may be okay with the proposal provided he is made a member of the politburo. The party feels NTR would be very useful in the party’s campaign as Pawan Kalyan will be campaigning against Chandrababu this time.

But, sources close to NTR say that he has a feeling that he was cold shouldered after campaigning vigorously in 2009. In fact the TDP cadres were pressed into service to ensure that his films flop at the box-office. So, NTR might not readily agree to the proposal. He may extract his pound of flesh before agreeing to campaign for the party.