Pawan’s greatest follower to join Congress

He is one of the most die-hard backers of Pawan Kalyan. His speech never ends without mentioning “his god” Pawan Kalyan at least a ten times. He says that if Pawan is Lord Ram, then he is Hanuman.

The activisits of the Jana Sena Party counted him amongst their own. Such was their belief in him. But, This man – who goes by the name of Bandla Ganesh, has ditched Jana Sena for Congress. He is all set to join the Congress Party.

He shrugged off his allegiance to Pawan and is simply going over to the Congress. If one recalls, Bandla Ganesh had posted a pic of himself with Rahul Gandhi some six months ago. Now, he is joining the party in the presence of Rahul Gandhi on Friday. He is all set to contest from Shadnaar assembly constituency on the Congress ticket. The Jana Sena cadres are at loss to explain this flipflop by Ganesh.