Who is lying?  Mallya or Jaitley or the government?

Vijay Mallya, the businessman who fled the country without paying bank loans worth crores of rupees, on March 2nd 2016 has alleged that he met the Finance Minister in the Parliament  before he left and offered to settle with the banks. This piece of information has triggered intense reaction from the Opposition, with Congress President leading the attack.

Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP Finance Minister of “colluding with a criminal” and helping him run away from the country and demanded Arun Jaitley’s resignation. He also said that there were only two possibilities – either Jaitley helped Mallya escape of his own accord, or did so on instructions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked him to clarify which of these was true.

Congress leader and MP P.L.Punia also revealed in the press conference that he was witness to the meeting of Vijay Mallya and Finance Minister in the Central Hall of parliament and that their meeting had lasted around 15 to 20 minutes.. “On March 1, 2016, when I was in Central Hall of Parliament, I witnessed Arun Jaitley and Vijay Mallya talking discretely. On March 3, we heard from media that he fled the country on March 2.” Punia claimed.

The Finance Minister categorically denied the accusations of collusion, saying that Mallya had indeed walked up to him “on one occasion” as he was leaving the House, but that he had not allowed him to proceed with the conversation.