Check your factory Chandrababu garu!!!

Of late, Chandrababu Naidu is making funny comments full of factual effors. Speaking at Kurnool during a Jala Siri programme, he made several gaffes.

Interestingly, Chandrababu, who was till now speaking only about the interests of Andhra Pradesh ever since the Cash For Vote case, has now turned his attention to Telangana. The reason? No marks for guessing. Telangana is facing elections soon. And he chose to speak about in Andhra Pradesh not Telangana. He was referring to the arrest warrants issued against him in Bhabhali case.

Though many legal experts are saying that this is just a normal case of not much consequence, Chandrababu wants to extract full mileage from it.

But, during the course of his speech, he said he had taken up the agitation only to protect the interest of the Telangana region. He said while he was fighting the project in 2010, the then chief minister YS Rajasehara Reddy had backed the Maharashtra Government. His comments were widely publicized by the pro-TDP media.

But the interesting part is that YSR died in 2009. In fact, he died on September 2, 2009. In 2010, it was Rosaiah who was the chief minister. The TDP leaders, led by Chandrababu refused to leave Maharashtra despite police orders and his men even attacked the police. In retaliation, the police thrashed the TDP leaders. They also cut off the power supply to the place where Chandrababu was confined. Now, Chandrababu and the media that backs him has to explain how, YSR, who died in 2009, was responsible for stopping Chandrababu in 2010.