No regrets as I killed son-in-law for honour

The sensational honour killing incident in Miryalaguda that shook the whole state has now been unraveled. It turned out that father of Amritavarshini was responsible for the killing of her husband Pranay. Unable to digest that his daughter married a boy from the lower caste, Amrita Varshini’s father Maruthi Rao and her brother plotted Pranay’s killing.

Though the needle of suspicion was always on Maruthi Rao, the police investigation has confirmed their worst fears.

Maruthi Rao has admitted that the killed Pranay simply because he loves his daughter very much. He also admitted that he had given Rs 10 lakh for the hired killer to bump off Pranay. He has also planned to abort the pregnancy of the doctor. In the event of not being able to abort, he had also planned with the help of a doctor to kill the newborn at the time of the pregnancy.

Maruthi Rao had also admitted that he has prepared to go to the prison as he preferred honour to ignominy. The police have recorded his confession statement. District SP Ranganath said he would reveal the details of the case at the earliest.