Apollo doctors try to dispel rumours about Jayalalithaa’s  death

The Tamil Nadu government arranged a press conference in Chennai,addressed by a team of doctors who treated the late Chief Minister,Jayalalithaa. Dr. Beale, the London intensive care specialist who had supervised the treatment was also flown in. He was accompanied by Dr. Balaji, a government doctor, Dr. Babu Abraham, Critical Care Consultant, Apollo Hospitals and Dr. Sudha Seshaiyyan.

Giving the history of her stay in hospital they clarified that she was brought in with sepsis(infection) and was responding well in the first week. But she deteriorated due to her co-morbid problems like uncontrolled diabetes. From being conscious, she became sedated (due to medicines) but would communicate with signs. Later she had to be put on ventilator and finally she died of cardiac arrest (witnessed by doctors and resuscitate but to no relief).

Dr Beale “participated remotely”

To a question on why her photographs were not released, Dr Beale replied, “You don’t take pictures of critically ill patients. We just don’t do that.” It must be recalled that Dr Beale was not by Jayalalithaa’s side in the last days. To a query, he said, “I couldn’t get to Chennai,but participated remotely.”

Dr. Sudha Seshaiyyan, the Head of Anatomy also justified embalming procedure that was followed after Jayalalitha’s death and stated that it was the standard procedure, also done after MGR’s death.

They also revealed that the cost of Jayalalitaa’s  treatment was 5 to 5.5 crores.


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