Arnab Goswami to launch ‘Republic  TV’ channel soon

Some of us may be wondering where Arnab Goswami has disappeared. The loud Arnab Goswami, who pushed the TV channel Times Now to the first position with his brand of news, converting news to noise. 9 pm everyday was reserved for Arnab’s ‘Big Fight.’  Not surprisingly he had a great fan following, as people love watching big fights.

His fans can now relax. He is now launching a new English TV channel- called ‘Republic TV.’  He will be the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Republic TV .

Republic TV, which will be launched by ARG Outlier Media in one month and it will join over 390-odd news channels broadcasting in India, which happens to be  the world’s most overserved news market. The digital brand, Republic World (website and mobile app), will be launched concurrently, said Chief Executive Officer Vikas Khanchandani.

The media business in India

While  talking about the channel, he said,“Republic TV is about the emergence of a new generation of content creators.” On the topic of media trial, Goswami who believes in being the judge, jury and executioner in his interviews, said that there is nothing wrong while taking sides and being opinionated when it comes to issues like corruption, terrorism and communal problems.

The word ‘content creators’ is worrisome for a news channel. Will they not only broadcast news but also manufacture it?



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