Attention Gujarat!

The oft repeated words of “rasthravaadee”, “manavata” and “sanskaar” by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been so regularly used by him that they have started to sound empty. In fact the words are so twisted and turned that they are used more as weapons against any kind of opposition.

PM-my government has rescued people from other faiths

The Archbishop of Gandhinagar church Thomas Macwan had stated that the secular and democratic fabric of our country is at stake and urged Christians across India to “pray” for the victory of the “humane” leaders who “remain faithful to the Indian Constitution”, in the Assembly elections, to “save” India “from nationalist forces”.

In response to his warning, the Prime Minister on Sunday, December 3rd said that “manavata” was the “sanskaar” of “rashtravaadee”  and cited instances of how his government had rescued people from other faiths. “I was shocked when a religious person issued a fatwa asking for rashtrapremio (patriots) to be ousted,” said the PM while addressing a public meeting in Ahmedabad ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections.


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