Babu’s bumper bonanza for boozers!

Usually, people celebrate New Year’s Day with exchange of greetings and sweets and flower bookies. But Andhra Pradesh government is planning to celebrate New Year’s Day celebrations with liquor bottles. With an eye on filling the exchequer with liquor cash, the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu government has decided to give green signal to sell liquor in food courts and resorts and released GO 470 was released to this affect. 
Of course when compared with the government plans to organize bikini or beach love festival, the decision to allow open sale of beverages in food courts, resort places or even small time hotels is not at all unusual or unexpected.
 But, it is something difficult to digest government argument defending the decision that it will give boost to the hospitality and tourism industries is something hard to believe. Of course it will definitely give additional kick to exchequer but not to so called hospitality and tourism industry. Three cheers to AP babes and Babus in advance.  


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