Babu’s politics with journalists

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu’s name stands first among the best users of media. He tries to make the most use of media for creating awareness of schemes among masses, while he also tires to manage the problems through media. In recent times he is making all efforts to get all the journalists opposing his methodologies, but failure of such steps are leaving him in tension. In order to bring the situation under control Babu introduced an association, Andhra Pradesh Journalists Forum. Apparently, the forum is established aiming the welfare of working journalists. But in reality, the forum works under the orders of the CM and Government’s Advisor Parakala Prabhakar supervises its work. 
Closer observation of the forum’s works leads to a doubt whether it was formed for the welfare of the journalists or for boasting for the government’s works. In recent times it has become a common scene that the leaders of this forum restrict the journalists from other forums and associations, what and when to ask during CM’s press meets. The leaders are also resorting similar nature in cases of other Ministers and government officials. 
In recent past, a journalist questioned CM regarding the health cards and housing plots for journalists. Later case was booked on the journalist as he was not a member of the forum. It would be shocking to know that even CM said, “I know to which union you belong to.” CM reacted in similar manner at other event too. From all these it would be very vivid that the government is planning to implement the divide and rule policy with the journalists.


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