Bahubali2 makers plan paid previews but…

Bahubali2, the biggest Indian movie of the past decade, is gearing up for a huge Worldwide release. The movie is set create and break records as many cinema lovers and common audience are eager to watch the movie on first day and within first week itself.

While the makers have planned to release the movie in maximum number of screens and asked government and distributors to make online ticketing mandatory but the theatres seem to have outsmarted them. Many theatres opened the booking in cities online, but none of the shows are available.

Ok, we get it people are crazy about the movie. But  can you explain, how after selecting seats at the ticket window online, you won’t enter the next step? Many of the online users are facing the same problem and Asian group, Nizam distributors, announced paid previews on 27th night, at normal rates in Asian multiplexes, Hyderabad and Hanumakonda, several other areas are also speculated to have paid previews too for fans to overcome the demand.

While this is a welcome move, none of the shows tickets are available online at this point. They may claim it has highest demand but for longer time, the online ticketing sites have shown that several tickets for various shows are available but again after selecting the seats, confirmation of the tickets has been denied with several errors.

Thankfully, no one has lost their money during the booking like in the case of, but this kind of bulk blocking is unexpected from the distributors and exhibitors at this point of time. It would be great if the theatres also consider being transparent for the sake of healthy viewing and screening of the movie.


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