Balakrishna once again shames himself in Public!

Nandamuri Balakrishna who is known for his arrogance and attitude problems has once showcased his short-temper and another fan had to bare the grunt. His fans even though knowing about him seems to have taken a liking to get hit by him and the actor is obliging by hitting them without fail.

Just this year, this is the fourth time that Balakrishna on camera is seen abusing or hitting a fan on camera and all because they fall on him due to rush or they ask him for a selfie. Well, one fan lost his cell phone, another fan had been hit by him and one more got scolded badly. Now, at Nandhyal, a young fan got slapped and pushed by him and his security.

The video is going viral on social media and even National Top news channels have taken up this news and reporting this as a shameful behaviour by any celebrity! Time and again, we have been saying this out loud that either the hero or the fans need to find a middle ground in such matters as the National media is also looking at these things with eagle eyes.

Balakrishna with this repeated behaviour in Public is not just being violent or arrogant but he is shaming himself, his family legacy and also Telugu people! Hope, someone close to him can talk to him and ask his fans to not anger him further!


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