Behind The Scene: Chandrababu makes Babus sleepless!

Vijayawada: Now a days, the Andhra Pradesh government staff are fearing to lift phone call from AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. They are worried about the time being wasted due to the tele-conferences organised by the Chief Minster. In order to consult the concerned official of the work, the AP CM is making all the staff members attend the tele-conferences, they rued. What purpose it would serve by keeping all the employees on line?, questioned one of the officials.

Since it is winter season, the officials are hesitating to attend tele-conferences. The tele-conferences which would start early in the morning are eating away the whole day. The main works related to welfare programmes and pending works are being discussed in the conferences. Since the meeting is related to routine things about the welfare programmes, the staff are complaining about the long hours of tele-conferences.

Some say that Chandrababu Naidu has fear that the leaders and the officials will refuse to obey the orders. And, the pressure from the opposition party too exerted on Naidu. Meanwhile, the YSRCP is observing the government policies. Naidu is making all the leaders and officials busy by assigning them tasks. In this, Naidu is thinking that the irregularities taking place in the State will not be exposed by media or the opposition parties. 


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