BJP- TDP alliance is on the verge of collapse

Since BJP’s  spectacular victory in UP assembly elections, it’s possible impact on Telugu States in general and the TDP – BJP relation in particular remained a matter discussion in both media and political circles. TV Channels and news papers focused attention on it, of course without much clarity. However,former union minister and BJP leader Daggubati Purandeswari came out with some clarity. Addressing a press conference on Sunday in Vijaywada she said in clear terms that BJP will not hesitate to take a call on it alliance with TDP if the prevailing anti -establishment tendency  reaches a point of no return. And the political observers feel that by giving clarity BJP has send clear indications that it is not going to repeat Punjab blunder in AP.

And the pundits say going by the love and hate history of both the parties even if BJP takes its decision unilaterally it can’t be seen as ditching an ally. In the past Chandrababu Naidu played both friend and foe role with BJP  and went to the extent of calling BJP a communal out fit after Godra incident to broke the ties with it. Of course later when Modi wave sweeping the country Naidu returned to NDA fold only to eat the fruits but not out of love.

So, as Purandeswari said at her press conference the saffron party is at liberty to take a final call on it alliance with TDP at any point of time before 2019 elections and also equally at liberty to dub Naidu administration as  an inefficient and most corrupt one as it has all the deta on how Naidu mis manged the State economy and how he had misused the central funds in lakhs and crores of rupees. The crux of the story is that the BJP- TDP alliance is on the verge of collapse.


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