Black ribbon as a  way of protest against lynchings

Yesterday was Id . It was a very sad Id for Indian Muslims, as they have been systematically targeted by the ruling regime – 15 year-old Junaid Khan was killed by a lynch mob in the outskirts of Delhi last Friday,two more lynchings last week and a policeman killing a Muslim in Jharkhand. The violence has been continuous and unrelenting, whether in the name of “love jihad”, or “cattle transport” or simply for looking like a Muslim.

Eid with black arm band

In the wake of the increased violence against Muslims and Dalits, there has been an overwhelming  call for protest in the form of wearing black ribbons on the day of festival and  for an entire week. The protest was backed by top officials from the Darul Uloom, Nadva, All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat; Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Jamiatul Ulema Hind, Jamiatul Ulema and prominent Muslims, including retired judges and civil servants, from across India.

Anand Patwardhan asks all citizens to wear black bands

The prominent documentary film maker whose film on Ayodhya riots has been lauded everywhere, called upon all Indians to join in this protest, “to mourn the daily murder of India that we loved.”

He also said “If anyone asks why we are wearing them, explain that it is to mourn Dabholkar, Pansari, Kalburgi, Rohit, Aqhlak, Najeeb,Pehlu Khan, Junaid and all victims of atrocities, hate and mindless majoritarianism.”

He also said that the black ribbon is a way to reach out to Muslims and say you are not alone.


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