Ye Mantram Vesave Review

Director : Shridhar Marri

Producer :  Golisoda Films

Music :  Abdus Samad

Cast :  Vijay Deverakonda, Shivaani singh

Rating: 1/5

After the huge success of the films like Pellichoopulu and Arjun Reddy, Vijay Devarakonda is signing back to back films in his career. He is expressing high confidence that all his upcoming movies are going to come up with unique subjects. Meanwhile, one of his old movies is finally seeing the light today.

The actor who did a film called Ye Mantram Vesave released today. The film has Vijay Devarakonda and Shivani Singh in the lead roles. Shridhar Marri is the director and producer of the film. After multiple postponements, the film released in the theatres today. The film was shot in 2014 and it finally hit the screens in the year 2018. Check out the review of the film here.

Nikhil(Vijay Devarakonda) is video gaming freak. He comes across Raga Malika(Shivani Singh) through social media. Nikhil wants to develop his relationship with Raga Malika but Raga Malika challenges Nikhil to play a video game. What is that game? Why did she ask Nikhil to play the game? What happens  in the end? Forms the rest of the story of the film.

There are not many known faces in the film and everyone did an average performance. Vijay Devarakonda is good with his looks and performed well. On the other side, the new comer Shivani Singh failed to impress everyone with her looks and performance but she has a good screen presence. The chemistry between the lead pair is not so impressive.

The director Shridhar Marri has selected an exciting point for the audiences. The point that touched in the film has something to do with the society. But because of the poor screenplay and unimpressive writing, the director failed to narrate it in an engaging manner. The editing could have been better in the second half. The cinematography is bad. The music is okay but the background score failed to impress. The production values are just okay.

Those who have not seen the trailer might be disappointed with the film because those who witnessed the trailer were already in a conclusion that the film is not going to become a hit. Moreover, the film is an outdated product for the current times.

Had the film released in the theatres during 2014 or 2015, it would have been a decent entertainer for Vijay Devarakonda but considering the market and the expectations on the hero today, this is certainly something that people will not expect from the hero. There are no entertaining elements in the film and is an easily passable flick.