Sridevi’s brother-in-law opens up

Boney Kapoor and daughters Janhvi and Khushi and millions of fans are mourning the sudden demise of veteran actress Sridevi.

Sridevi’s uncle, Venugopal Reddy had given an interview to a channel where he claimed that she was unhappy.

But Sridevi’s sister Srilatha has not spoken up since her unfortunate demise. Srilatha’s husband, Sanjay Ramaswami issued a statement, “I have been married to Srilatha ( Sridevi’s sister) for 28 years and never once have we heard of this individual Venugopal Reddy. The family is in grief and chooses to not make any comments through this painful time. There is no truth to this man’s claims and the entire family is in support of Boney Kapoor and are with him through this challenging phase. Some sections of the media questioned my wife’s silence and attributed all kinds of ridiculous allegations. I am sure that they have loved ones that they lost. Did they stand up on the wall and shout. We mourn in silence and do not seek any publicity and that should not be misconstrued. We are a very close knit family. Sridevi was an inspiration to all of us and all in the family loved her very much”.