Two TDP , one YSRCP leaders elected unopposed

As expected, two TDP candidates- CM Ramesh and Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar and one YSRCP candidate have won Rajya Sabha seats unopposed. YSRCP leader leader Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy’s wife Prasanthi Reddy withdrawn nomination as she was a dummy candidate.

Chandrababu originally planned to contest all the three seats and win the third seat by engineering defections from the YSRCP. However, He chose not to field the third candidate in view of the fast changing political dynamics in the state.

But, the selection of  Kanakamedala Ravindra was a surprise for many party insiders as he was nowhere in the picture. Bida Mastan Rao, Varla Ramaiah were also in the fray. But, Chandrababu chose Ravindra, an advocate, who is fighting his cases.