Can SCS do wonders for YSRCP?    

 Special category Status (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh, as repeatedly told by Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu, is a closed chapter. However some political parties, knowing it pretty well, that it is not going to happen, still sticking on to it. Of course all this is part of game, political parties used to play presuming political mileage. In fact the major Opposition party in AP Assembly, YSRCP knows it well more than anybody else that its fight is going to be defeated. Still the party at its Parliamentary Party at its meeting in Hyderabad recently has decided to go the extent of stalling the parliament winter and budget sessions to mount so called pressure on the government and en- mass resignation of all its MPs after budget session in next May.
 As already mentioned, YSRCP knows it very well that nothing is going to happen but want to continue the tirade and it is not without a strategy. The party wants to position itself as a champion of SCS cause and utilize the sentiments attached to it in the ensuing Municipal elections sometime in February 2017 and test the waters before taking a final call on its 2019 election strategy. And political analysts believe that the party MPs submits their papers if sentiment works in Municipal pools to keep the issue alive still next general elections in 2019 by going to elections on the issue. 
But the general perception in the political circles is that the issue may not give a huge mileage to YSRCP and Jagan Reddy . But it is still immature to jump on to a conclusion as politics is not a game governed by any rules and regulations; anything can happen in politics and love.   


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