Censor Shock For Baahubali 2

SS Rajamouli’s mythological epic film “Baahubali 2” which is smashing box office records across the world is slowly releasing in the other countries as well. Rajamouli is very much happy with the way the things are progressing in terms of the film’s collections. The producers of the film are also enjoying the huge success of the film. Meanwhile, the latest news is that the film is releasing in Singapore but the disappointing news for the film is that the censor board of Singapore has issued the film an ‘NC16’ certification which means the film is branded unsuitable for viewership for people under the age of 16.

In other countries, the film is being enjoyed by the kids mostly and this came as a shock as well as a surprise for the makers. The visuals of soldiers getting beheaded in war scenes are cited excessively gruesome by the censor board members and hence they have taken a decision of issuing NC16.
On the other side, the film is running towards launching 1500 crore club.


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