Chandrababu making mockery of democracy: Dharmana

YSR Congress Party leader Dharmana Prasada Rao has demanded that the Centre should intervene to stop the mockery of democracy that has been unabashedly being flaunted by Chandrababu Naidu government.

He said that that the state has been bringing disrepute to the Constitutional institutions. The Assembly has been run in a manner that has been threatening its decorum and decency as defectors were displaced and were allowed to speak from treasury benches which goes against the business rules of the legislative assembly and its pristine spirit.

“The institutions of Governor and Speaker are being mocked at with such an exercise being taken up by the State and instead of finding ways and means to bring the Opposition Party back to the House by conceding to their demands or negotiating with the Party, the state has been hoodwinking the main opposition and seems to be happy carrying out the proceedings without the Opposition Party which gives them enough space to blow their trumpet with or without reason,’” he said.

We never said that we will not attend the Assembly but had only said that action should be initiated against the defectors who have crossed over to the treasury benches and were allowed to speak from a place which does not belong to them.


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