Here Is Chandrababu’s Response On Lakshmi’s NTR

There bitter war of words between RGV and TDP leaders over Lakshmi’s NTR movie goes on. For the past one week, RGV has been giving strong counters to the TDP leaders who were criticizing him for making Lakshmi’s NTR.

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu responded on this during the Co-ordination Committee meeting at CM’s residence in Amaravati.

When the TDP leaders told him about RGV’s comments, Chandrababu advised them not to give too much importance to films which lack people’s acceptance.

“People knew who is NTR & what happened in his life. Do you think public would accept if history is tweaked? Our Party Leaders shouldn’t speak as per their wish on this issue,” Chandrababu reportedly told to the TDP leaders.

Earlier in the day, RGV said, “His spirit comes in my dreams every day and is helping me to write the screenplay of the film.”


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