Chandrababu’s visit to Mussoorie is paradoxical: YSRCP

YSR Congress Party MP V Varaprasad Rao has termed the scheduled visit of Chandrababu Naidu to LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie as ironic and paradoxical.

Speaking to the media in Hyderabad on Monday, the YSRCP MP said, ‘ Chandrababu Naidu going to the Academy to address the probationary officers looks ridiculous as he has been showing scant respect to IAS officers back home with the Janmabhoomi Committee superseding the powers of Collectors and other officials.

The District Collectors do not have any say as all the welfare schemes and many decisions are taken by the Janmabhoomi Committees comprising TDP cadre and leaders and even the Collectors are not in a position to grant a single pension, house or ration card.’

YSR Congress has said that nowhere in the country, IAS officers are reduced to subordinates to party functionaries in the name of Janmabhoomi Committees and wings of Collectors and officials are clipped to a point of ridicule.


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