Chemical weapons used on civilians in Syria

Autopsies done on 3 dead bodies in the recent attack on Monday, in Syria’s  Idlib,  that killed nearly 80 people, including children, confirmed that deadly chemical was used.

Chemical  attacks continue in Syria

This attack marks  the deadliest chemical attack in Syria since sarin gas killed hundreds of civilians in Ghouta in August 2013. A joint U.N.-OPCW report published last October said government forces used chlorine in a toxic gas attack in Qmenas in Idlib province in March 2015.

Autopsies performed by WHO experts

Experts from the World Health Organisation conducted the  autopsies on the victims in Turkey’s Adana city on Wednesday. Medical teams from the WHO and Doctors Without Borders said the victims had showed signs including suffocation, foaming at the mouth, involuntary defecation among others. Paramedics had used fire hoses to wash off the chemicals from the bodies of the victims of the attack.

This suggests that the deadly Organo phosphorus compound was used, in the form of ‘nerve gas.’

Syria government continues to deny that it used any chemical agents.


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