This CI is creating terror among Anantapur residents!

 Gorantla Madhav, is three town CI and a most controversial police officer. There have several criticisms over his unusual acts.
He can easily take law and order into his hands and beat the public on roads. There are several victims who were humiliated by him in full public view. But his highhandedness against a Central Government employee has been caught on camera and it went viral on social networking sites.  In the video, Gorantla Madhav along with some other police is seen beating the employee back and blue. With Modi’s sudden decision of demonetisation, Madhava Reddy came to a bank at Sainagar in Anatapur to exchange his old notes. 
A minor brawl broke out between Madhava Reddy and local SI Janardhan and very soon, several police personnel started attacking Madhava Reddy. The real life ‘Gababr Singh’, who arrived on the scene, trashed him with a lathi stick in front of everyone. The onlookers who saw the incident were shocked and could not dare to stop the CI beating Madhava Reddy. 
Many feel that with the support of ruling party, the CI is resorting to extreme acts. Even Opposition leaders are scaring to question him. Only Congress PCC chief Raghuva Reddy came to the spot soon after the incident and protested against the police highhandedness. Madhava Reddy’s wife Swabhavi, who is also a government employee, said that her husband is a well educated person and also alleged that the police foisted false cases against him. 
Will there be any action against Gorantla Madhav? Let’s wait and see.


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