Cinema as a catalyst for unity

 In the present day conundrum of continuous furore over freedoms, the cinema industry is not immune.  Instead it has been a chosen target for many conservative and judgemental reasons, indicating  the powerful nature of this medium. Earlier on it was ”Lipstick under my burqa” which ruffled many patriarchal feathers and raised its strong voice for women’s liberation. Now it is  “Nude(Marathi film), S. Durga(Malayali film) and “Padmavati” that have been decided by  certain people as unfit for release and viewership.

Shah Rukh Khan :“Cinema is a balm of love.”

The International Film Festival of India(IFFI) opened in Panaji, Goa on Monday , November 20th and Shah Rukh Khan who declared open the 48th edition of IFFI  reflected in his address  reiterated that “cinema is a balm of love.”

Quoting ‘vasudaiva kutumbhakam,’ which means bringing the world together like a family, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I believe no matter what your language is, no matter what country your story comes from, and no matter what your ideology is, story-telling and listening should be a familial experience which binds us together, even in the face of dissent and discussion as it usually happens in a family, instead of tearing us apart.”

   It must be recalled that films like “Nude” and “S.Durga” which were selected by the jury were without any consultation banned from screening in the IFFI by the I & B Minister, Smriti Irani, forcing the Director and Jury Chief Sujoy Ghosh to resign.


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