Civilian tied to army vehicle in Kashmir, used as human shield

 The video of a young man tied in front of an army vehicle and paraded as warning to stone pelters went viral on social media, causing outrage and disbelief.

This outrage occurred in Budgam, Central Kashmir on April 9th, when elections were held to the Srinagar constituency, comprising 3 districts. It was shot on a mobile phone camera and surfaced on 13-14th April, once Internet services which were totally cut were revived. The video also shows the army personnel blaring out warnings of same consequence for all the stone pelters.

Another unverified video (probably shot by the polling staff from the window of a polling booth in Budgam district) shows paramilitary shooting a protesting teenager, from point blank range.

Kashmir-based human rights activist, Khurram Parvez, posted on his facebook, “Since 1989 the phenomenon of using human shields in Kashmir continues unabated.”




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