A  cold  night. Can we give a little warmth?

Temperatures have dipped everywhere and the minimum has reached 12 degree centigrade in Hyderabad. Have we thought of how the homeless spend these cold nights ?  In the name of Swacch Bharat, the many bus stops and railway stations are now out of boundaries for the poor.

When withdrawal of money has become most difficult for even the salaried class, one can only imagine the hardships of the daily labourers( the building sector has suffered more than 40% after demonetization) and everywhere 4 out of 10 are no longer given any daily work and pay. Their families and children will go hungry. The hunger will grow and so will the deaths due to malnourishment. Our government and the mainstream media will put the reason for deaths as intense cold. But all of us do not succumb to extreme cold or heat when the seasons change.

“In the 66th year of the Indian Republic, eight people die of cold every night in the nation’s capital.” This is the figure in January 2016. As usual our media is concentrating on Delhi but the situation is more or less the same in all capitals  where the homeless are only increasing.. It is expected to be higher this winter.

People who want to help are stepping in to provide shelters, provide warmth in the form of blankets etc. When we contrast the lavish life styles of our political leaders with these miserable homeless people now seen in every city and town, we realize how unconnected the leaders are with the common man’s welfare.  

This is going to be a terrible winter. Modi has successfully removed any kind of buffer against the coming winter onslaught for the poor in India. The meager wages that they could earn is also ruled out in these demonetization times.We must now prepare to hear the almost daily count dying in the harsh conditions that prevail now.




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