Cots for Rahul and Chairs for Chandra Babu

In recent past, one of Rahul Gandhi’s  “khaat sabha” in a village in east Uttar Pradesh  attracted the focus of entire national media. The special element of that meeting was that, the farmers who came to the meeting were seen walking away with the brand new cots that had been laid out by his party.
Now, AP CM Chandra Babu faced similar situation. Babu usually accolades that Amaravati is the best region for capital city and also boasts himself for choosing the region.
If he had done all those after making minimal developments like laying roads and other basic amenities, it would have been better. Without such arrangements He invited Union Minister Arun Jaitley to lay the foundation stone for the Amaravati, Capital city. An unanticipated rain became spoiler for the event. As the event happened in the land with Black soil, the rain made the are so damp that even the Ministers vehicles got struck in the mud. Students had to help for bring the heavy vehicles like buses, out of the damp.
Meanwhile, some locals brought their robbery skills into the frame and lifted chairs from the meeting. Some commented that the incident was similar to Rahul’s cots meeting.


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