DGP busy with NWP… Turned away gang rape victim

In which it is seen as brazen act police inaction and irresponsible bevaviour  Andhra Pradesh DGP denied an appearance to aging rape victim. Surprisingly, the DGP office in Vijayawada turns out the victim saying that the DGP is busy with ongoing National Women parliament, purportedly to discuss women empowerment and women safety, security and protection. The victim, a house wife was allegedly gang raped by three persons, K. Srinu, Krishna and Gollapudi Srinu in R Konthalapadu in Kurnool district while she was working in the fields.

The culprits recorded her nude pictures in cell phone and threatened to post the pictures on social media, if she reveals it to anybody. And the culprits continue again raped her using her weakness. Finally the victim, informed her husband as the culprits continue to harass her and on February 1, she along with her husband complaint it to the DGP and on his advise they filled a complaint with the local police. However, the local police could not take any action as local TDP leader Vishunuvardhan put pressure on police not to take any action against the culprits. The couple again came to Vijayawada on Friday to complain to the DGP. 

The DGP office turned them away saying that DGP is busy. The couple waited till late in the evening with hope but in vain. This is one more sorry state of affairs in the State. 


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