The Directors Lead Race- Maruthi after Rajamouli ?

Be it with the lead roles or the Directors, the number positions in the tollywood industry are one major thing that interests all the film audience of any part of the country. After his eleventh hit Rajamouli took out the number one director position in the tollywood film industry. Confusion and excitement have started to arise in the film circle discussing about who the next director after Rajamouli would be.
Considering the discussion we can conclude to an extent that Director Maruthi had gained maximum votes to become the next successful hit director after Rajamouli. Putting apart the discussion about the type of films he is directing, the total numbers of advances he has taken from producers to direct a film or the advances which producers forcefully have are given to him to direct the film are getting high.
At present Maruthi is working on his film Mahanubhava where Sharvanad is playing the lead role. Even before this film has started, leaked news from film sources say that Maruthi has already taken advance from Indira art creations for a new project. Along with this Maruthi has to direct a film under the banner Gemini Kiran, apart from Geetha arts and Geetha arts 2 where two films are going to be featured by him. Sources say that over six new projects are also going to be taken up by Maruthi apart from these discussed.
In this scenario, considering the leading Rajamouli who takes almost years to complete a project and Maruthi who speeds up his projects with minimum guarantee hits can now considered in the number two position list.


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