Don’t be more ridiculous Mr. Minister

Political commentary, weather it is in the form of an article, a cartoon, a caricature or a simple posting in social media. It is a mix of satire, sarcasm and witty one. And there were many instances where the political leaders, who enjoyed ‘hearty laugh often at his or her own expense’.

For instance, “Eenadu” one of the most popular vernacular dailies at those times made fun of the then chief Minister T. Anjaiah, for his love for helicopter ride. Papa, the cartoonist had never missed an opportunity to draw hundred if not thousand a cartoons on Anjaiah. In fact Papa came to fame because of Anjaiah. However Anjaiah never made a complaint either against the news paper or the cartoonist, he loved and enjoyed the sarcasm at himself.

But, the present day politicians like, Nara Lokesh the newly inducted IT and Panchayath Raj Minister in AP cabinet, finding it difficult to digest when the social media, make fun of their flawed and fumbled words. Lokesh, who was made a minister by the virtue of being the son of Chief Minister, fumbled his word while taking oath as a MLC and again a couple of days while addressing a gathering at the birth day celebrations of the father of the Indian constitution BR Ambedkar. In fact, he should have rendered an apology to the nation for his unpardonable flaws. He has flumed the Ambedkar’s birth anniversary as ‘death’ anniversary and extended greeting on his presumed ‘death’ of the father of the Indian constitution.

In fact, earlier he made a couple of serious flaws in speeches where he has described his own party as the most communal and casteist party and advised not to vote his party if they want a corruption free government, so on and so forth. Instead of rising to the position he is holding, he is reportedly taking a serious view of social media ridiculing him for his fumbled words and threaten to book cases against social media. It is more ridiculous Mr. Minister; after all were living in a democracy.


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