Drug Abuse: This Is How Subbaraju, Navadeep Reacted

Young Tollywood actors Navdeep and Subbaraju on Friday admitted that they have received notices from authorities probing the drug racket but denied using drugs.

As names of several actors, actresses and other personalities were doing rounds in the media, Navdeep and Subbaraju confirmed that they received the notices but denied any addiction to the narcotic substances.

“It is usual to sensationalise news as soon as there are film people involved, me being involved in events and working with some wrong event managers i can understand why this happened,” tweeted Navdeep.

“Its a matter of time before this is sorted .. requesting media and people to have patience,” he added.

Subbaraju said he received the notice from SIT asking him to appear on July 21. While denying any addiction to drugs, he told media that he would cooperate with the investigations.

He said he was surprised as to why he was served the notice as neither he nor anybody in his circle uses drugs.

“I am a film actor and anybody can have my mobile number,” he said referring to SIT claim that his contact number was found in the call data of Calvin Mascarenhas, the alleged kingpin of the massive drug racket.


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