Is this why Paripurnananda did not get Modi’s appointment?

That Kakinada Sri Peetam seer Swami Paripurnananda has joined the BJP is not news anymore. Why did he join the party at Amit Shah’s residence? Why could not he secure Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appointment? Why did he fail to meet UP CM Yogi Adityanath? These are the questions are remained unanswered and have become hot topic among the BJP circles.

It is learnt that Telangana BJP leaders Dr K Laxman and G Kishan Reddy are not happy with Swami Paripurnananda’s entry into the BJP. They reportedly expressed their displeasure with the BJP top bosses. The buzz is that because of their displeasure, Swami’s appointment with Modi and the UP CM were not materialized.

It will be very interesting to see how Swami will face Kishna Reddy and Laxman now.