A deadly weapon

This was the sharp knife used in the attack on the Opposition leader and YSRCP leader, Jagan Mohan Reddy in the Vishakapatnam airport on 25.10.2018, Thursday.

The media both regional and national reported that  the attack took place with a small knife. What was missed was that this is a deadly sharp weapon which is used in cockfights across the state. Tied to the fighting cock’s leg, it is so sharp that just a glance of the knife can kill the other cock.

With the ruling TDP and opposition parties blaming each other for the blatant breach of security, the political temperature mounted in Andhra Pradesh. An SIT probe has been ordered to enquire into the entire incident with the ruling party repeatedly emphasizing that the attacker is a fan of Jagan Mohan and was trying to garner sympathy for him ahead of the Assembly elections.

However a look at the knife says otherwise.