Jagan’s Attacker Sister Reveals Shocking Details

The murder attempt on leader of the Opposition and YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has created political strom in AP. Doubts are being raised the YSRCP leaders into the investigation of the attack case.

The other day, a popular media house interviewed Srinivas Rao’s sisiter Ranakumari.
She said that her brother was used like a pawn by the conspirators of the attack. ” They would have threatened to kill him if he speaks the truth.

Those Conspirators might have assured money to him and he could have thought of buying land with it,” she said. Rantnakumari scared of will happen to her brother.

“My Brother changed a lot after going to Visakha. He used to use a small phone and don’t even have money for petrol. He would ask Me for Rs 20 and Rs 30,” she said.