Roshagadu Review

Vijay Antony who is known for his unique concept films has delivered some decent hits at the box office. His movies like ‘Dr. Salim’, ‘Bichagadu’, etc have recently come up with ‘Roshagadu’. First the first time in his career, Vijay is going to appear as a powerful cop in the film.

However, the title and even the promotional material including the teasers and trailer of the film have hinted that the film is going to be an eye feast for all the action lovers out there. Directed by Ganeshaa, the movie featured Nivetha Pethuraj of ‘Mental Madhilo’ fame as the female lead. Carrying a decent buzz, the movie finally got released today. Here’s the review of the action drama.

Story :

The story is about a sincere Police Constable Kumara Swamy ( Vijay Antony ) whose dream is to make his younger brother Ravi a Police Constable. But Ravi who hates to study runs away from home and becomes a criminal by joining hands with a rowdy (Babji).

After two years, Kumara Swamy who is now a Police Constable in Hyderabad meets his younger brother Ravi and finds out that he is a criminal. As there is nothing left to do, Kumara Swamy kills his brother but later comes to know that there are so many young people like his brother who are under the control of Babji. Kumara Swamy sets out to change them. What happens then? forms the rest of the story.


Vijay Antony appeared as a police officer in the film and delivered a flawless performance. His facial expressions, dialogue delivery are superb. He justified the role of a dutiful cop and did extremely well in the fight scenes as well. Especially, his scene where he explains the Police are the real heroes will be the highlight. Nivetha Pethuraj who also appeared as an Inspector in the movie looked pretty. Her role is quite entertaining. Her cute expressions and energetic performance is too good.

She also maintained a nice chemistry with Vijay Antony. Daniel Balaji did a great job. His power-packed performance has showcased his variations as an actor. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan delivered a neat performance. Sai Dheena did well. Muthuraman’s performance is worth mentioning. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The entire plot is to showcase a point that no matter what, the Police will always be there to protect the public. The director Ganeshaa has handled the script in a matured way and delivered an amazing script. Also, he executed the simple script well. The production values by Vijay Antony Film Corporation are very rich and there are no flaws in terms of quality.

Vijay himself composed the music for this film. His music is also one of the major highlights. Though only a couple of songs are good, the BGM is really very good. The background score elevated the scenes well. The cinematography by Richard M. Nathan is great. His stunning visuals made the audience connect well with the story and characters. The Telugu dialogues are also written well. The runtime is bearable.


The story is simple and doesn’t have many twists or turns. The film focused more on juvenile crimes and how to eradicate them. The director wrote a powerful story but failed to narrate it properly as his slow-narration will irritate some audience. Also, the lack of comedy made the film serious and the audience might not connect well the script.

The first half is better with some entertainment but the second half has nothing but action sequences which irks the viewers. Only a section of the audience can connect well with the film. The directed concluded the film on a decent note. On the whole, ‘Roshagadu’ is worth a try.

Rating: 2.75/5