Posani’s Sarcastic Take On Balayya

Balakrishna Nandamuri is one of the senior actors and politicians in the Telugu states. He was very busy campaigning for the Telugu Desam Party in the wake of the Telangana elections and supported his brother’s daughter Suhasini Nandamuri but she failed to win the election.

Now, Posani Krishna Murali made some shocking comments on Balakrishna saying that he is a powerful person who is giving severe consequences to those who are responsible for his father’s failure in the politics. Posani revealed his sarcasm telling that he is going to rake the revenge on all those who backstabbed his father.

Posani also said that he supported and campaigned for Suhasini to teach a lesson for those who insulted his father Sr NTR. All the comments are sarcastic in nature and are targeted indirectly at Balakrishna.